Eliminating Bed Bugs With Heat Treatment


Our Methods

Using Heat Treatment Technology along with properly labeled and applied insecticides is the only way to completely and thoroughly rid your home of a Bed Bug infestation

Unitech Pest and Termite in St. Louis, uses a combination of Heat Teatment and Chemical Control Methods - the most advanced method of bed bug control known in the industry - to ensure that ALL bed bugs, and their eggs, are killed the first time! That is why we are able to guarantee* that the treated areas/rooms of your home or office will remain free of bed bugs for up to 120 days. We will also give you tips and guidlines that you can follow which will help prevent another occurrence of bed bug infestation in the future.

Unitech technician hiding in grass

We Stay Out of Sight!

Because we utililize electric and propane operated units, there aren't a bunch of ducts running all over the place for the neighboors to see. Also WE DO NOT LOGO OUR EQUIPMENT and we try to stay as discreet as possible, and not to garner unwanted attention. There is a time for advertising, but it's NOT while we're treating your home or office for bed bugs!
As for hotels, the affected rooms are only out of commission for about 24 hours.

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