Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the elimination of Bed Bugs. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us and we will gladly answer them for you!

How long does this service take?

Most residential homes can be done in a day. Some infestations on rare occasions can take 24 hours.

Can I stay in my home while the service is taking place?

No unfortunately you will have to go to a baseball game or to the zoo or perhaps go on a picnic. Unless you're a native Arizonian, the temperatures we will be achieving would be very uncomfortable to tolerate.

Will I have to remove items from my home, such as food and clothing?

Nooooooooooo, don't take anything with you! The fact is that with bedbugs they get into everything. Items such as backpacks and other similar items will stay in the house to be heat treated. There are ways around this for select items.

Is the Heat Treatment process dangerous?

Only to Bed Bugs!

Are Bed Bugs only found in beds?

Oh goodness no! The pests get into everything, curtains, furniture, under carpet, behind paintings, and MUCH MORE!

Is it possible that there are Bed Bugs in my car as well?

It is Possible yes.

What methods do you use to ensure they won't return?

Education and information is the only way to keep Bed bugs out of your home.

Is the extermination process expensive?

Like anything else you will find different prices at different companies, we pride ourselves on being very reasonable.

Are the chemicals dangerous to pets?

NO! We love our pets too and would never do anything to harm your pets.